Misty Hong Kong

Hong Kong


Liverpool Street Station, London, UK.

The Street of Firenze

Firenze, Italia.

Dark Clouds over the City

Chicago, Illinois, US.


Stormy night, Chicago, IL.

Chicago State of Mind

Chicago, Illinois.

Lake Shore Drive

The famous LSD, Chicago, IL.

Feeling Like God

Chicago, Looking Down on Lake Shore Drive

Chicago: a Lifetime Affair

Chicago coastline, IL.

Night on Fire.

One night in Chicago, IL.

Chicago Sunset

Chicago viewed from John Hancock, Illinois.

Lone Car, Big City

Lone car surrounded by buildings, Chicago, IL.


Chicago, Illinois

Red Chicago

Chicago, IL.


Chicago, Illinois.

Blue Manhattan

Manhattan at dusk.

Gotta Love Chrysler

Central Park

One Day in Central Park, Manhattan, NYC.

Washington Square

Washington Square, Manhattan, NYC.


Manhattan, NYC.

Bustling Manhattan

Manhattan, NYC.

Florence Reflection

Florence in Reflection.


View from Oltrarno, Florence, Tuscany, Italy.

Simply Firenze

Florence, Tuscany, Italy.

The Lion and the Rape

Firenze, Toscana, Italia.

Duomo di Milano

Milano, Italia.

One Afternoon in Firenze

Firenze, Italia.

Sunset in Oltrarno

Oltrarno, Firenze, Italia.

Misty Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco


Chicago, Illinois.

Big Hand, Big City

Los Angeles, CA.

My Affair with LA

Rooftop in Los Angeles, CA.

Parking Lot after the Rain

New Orleans, LA.

It's a Circus in Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus, London, UK.

All Ways Lead to the Shard

The Shard from More London by Renzo Piano.

Sail Away

London Borough of Southwark, United Kingdom

London Borough of Southwark

London, United Kingdom

London Has Been Bridged

The View from Southwark area, London, UK.

This is London!

London from above.

A Glimpse of Paris

Peeking Louvre from a dark alley on a bright sunny day, Paris.

Mardi Gras on Jackson Square

Cathedral in Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana on Mardi Gras.


Antwerpen-Centraal in Antwerp, Belgium.

The Colors of Marrakech

Zouk in Marrakech, Morocco.