Reflection on the lake, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Lake Louise, Banff, Canada.

Blue Morning

Lake Louise, Canada.


Lake Louise, Banff, Canada.

Little Ravine

On the way to Lake Louise, Canada.

My Affair with Firenze

Florence, Tuscany.

Tuscan Terrain

San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Tuscany, Italy.


San Pancrazio, Toscana, Italia.

Red Sky

Sunset in San Pancrazio, Tuscany region, Italy.

Green Pasture

Firenze, Italia.

Just: Firenze

Firenze from its highest point.

View from My Balcony in Leblon

Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Serenity in Jumeirah

Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Docking Boat

Jean Lafitte, Louisiana.

Content in Contentment Island

Darien, Connecticut.

Snow Village

Riverside, Illinois.


Sunset at a Marina, Kemah, TX.

Winding Road


Burning Sky after the Storm

One evening after a storm.

Little Serenity

Sun going down in a reclusive bay in Key Largo area, Florida.

Burst of Colors

The falling leaves Drift by my window The falling leaves Of red and gold Just one fine day in Boston, MA.


Somewhere in Massachusetts.


West Massachusetts.